Concerned about declining
revenues and profits?


“It is during our darkest moments, that we must focus to see the light.”

- Aristotle

IFC helps entrepreneurs reenergize their business by guiding them how to focus and prioritize.
IFC helps you evaluate the right product mix for optimal profits.

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Our Approach to Regenerating Business

Frequently Asked Questions

IFC helps plotting the products and services on the product lifecycle chart to understand the product mix as well as the cost for declining revenue. Thereafter, IFC looks at various alternate ways and complimentary products that increases the revenue, leveraging on the strengths of the company.

IFC leverages on the strengths of the company, which increases the revenue.

This is because you are not managing your Working capital, as your cash could be stuck with debtors. An increasing revenue but negative cash cycle could be causing a constant stretch on the cash.

No, a rise in revenue does not necessarily translate into increasing profits.

This could be because of a rise in expenses, or other costs.

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