Doubtful about fraud within your company?

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“Small businesses that accommodate 100 employees or less face a median loss of $154,000 because of fraud.”

– Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

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    Fraud be it big or small has a major impact on any business. What is worse is not knowing if fraud is taking place in your business.
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    IFC provides an independent review of financial controls to help deter and prevent frauds.
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    Are you in control of your cash and stock?
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Our Approach to Mitigating Risk of Fraud

Our Approach to Mitigating Risk of Fraud

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Frequently Asked Questions

IFC’s team consists of experienced auditors with significant experience of assessing business risks and designing audit procedures to detect or prevent fraud.

No, IFC is an independent organization that only reports to senior management. We have also experienced scenarios where fraud has been committed by senior management. In such cases, we report direct to the business owner(s). IFC values integrity and confidentiality.

No, the traditional internal audit function was designed to prevent and detect fraud. However, now the internal auditor is more of a value add partner who assesses the risks within the business and identifies ways to mitigate those risks.

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