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“Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Accounting, accounting, accounting. Know your numbers.”

– Tilman J. Fertitta

CEO of Landry’s

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    Sometimes, entrepreneurs may find it difficult to allocate time for bookkeeping.
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    IFC provides cloud based accounting solutions to keep your accounts updated daily.
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Our Approach to Streamlining Accounting Process


Our Approach to Streamlining Accounting Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is crucial to update your records daily in order to ensure where your money is, and to manage your business better.

There are various levels of review required within accounts for any organization. The accountant or the ledger clerks would typically be data entry operators who’s work would require a review from supervisors. The supervisors have an additional duty to close the books every month. The supervisor’s work is then reviewed by a manager to ensure accuracy and completeness. The manager presents the information to the CFO who would then use this info to formulate strategies for the future. An accountant cannot fulfil all the roles. Depending on the size and function of your team, IFC’s flexible approach can complete this whole process or fulfil gaps where required.

IFC has a team of qualified Chartered Accountants, that will work to provide excellent services to you on a daily basis.

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